Gaining recognition as an effective form of healing in the Western world in the last decade, Reflexology has been used as a natural form of healing for centuries.

Based on the principle that a map on the bottom of your feet (and hands) corresponds to organs, glands & the musculoskeletal system, Reflexology is a deeply relaxing & therapeutic method that decreases stress and promotes balance in the body. 

At Therapeutic Bodywork each session begins with a warm bath and takes place in a Zero Gravity Chair, lying on a heated BioMat.


Your Reflexology session will begin with a warm foot soak to cleanse the feet and de-stress the body preparing you to recline in a Zero Gravity chair, (fully clothed), nestled beneath a sheet and a blanket on a BioMat.

During your session, an array of reflexes are worked on both feet with specialized techniques employed to address your individual needs. By the end, not only will your feet feel great, but your whole body will feel the benefits of deep relaxation, increased blood flow and calm mind leaving you renewed in Mind, Body and Spirit.

75 Minute Session = $110     |     90 Minute Session = $130

Customized Reflexology Sessions

I had never given Reflexology the respect it deserves until I had a session with Michelle. After only one session, I felt a profound shift in my energy and noticed an immediate improvement in my sluggish digestion. Between the warm foot bath, the heated BioMat, and Michelle’s firm touch, I am transported
— B.W, Osterville

We've created six Customized Reflexology Sessions designed to address specific symptoms + systems in the body. Each session takes place in a Zero Gravity chair (fully clothed), on a biomat and includes a foot bath.


Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in our body leaving it vulnerable to illness.  This customized reflexology session will specifically work the Central nervous system, Adrenal glands, the Lymphatic system and the Master gland of the endocrine system to bring the body back to a state of CALM.


From the Standard American Diet to environmental pollutants, our bodies take a hit from toxins everyday.  Excess toxins can deplete energy, affect skin and hair, impact the immune system, cause aging and in general affect our overall well being.  This customized reflexology session is designed to give your detoxification system a boost by specifically targeting reflexes for the lungs, kidneys, colon, liver and lymphatic system. 


If you suffer from low back pain, this customized reflexology session is designed for you.  During this session, specific reflexes for the back, spine, psoas muscle, sacroiliac joint and sciatic nerve will be worked to activate the body's innate healing ability for these key areas typically associated with low back pain. 


Looking for a way to support your golf game?  Fred Funk, Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus are just some of the well-known PGA tour golfers who have used reflexology to improve their game and help heal many common golfing injuries. This customized session will focus on reflexes for the spine, elbows, hips, knees, adrenal glands and musculoskeletal system in the feet and will end with some hand reflexology to address sore hands from golfer's grip and to nourish the elbow reflexes. 


Whether you suffer from menopausal symptoms, are seeking to nurture your body as you prepare for conception, or needing to bring a better sense of balance to your hormones, this customized reflexology session designed for you. Specific reflexes for the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands, heart, gallbladder, liver large and small intestines, ovaries and uterus will be the focus of this session, intending to leave your endocrine system humming.


Migraines affect a staggering 38 million people in the United States and many continue to suffer despite medication.  Reflexology research has found reflexology to be a beneficial treatment for migraine sufferers and reflexology even outperformed prescription medication in studies.  The focus for this customized session will be the liver, endocrine system, digestive tract and nervous system to target the imbalances in the body that are probable causes for migraine sufferers.

Each session is 60 Minutes = $85

Tween -Teen Reflexology

Kids have stress too and it’s never too early to introduce them to wonderful & healthy relaxation techniques. With a signed parental consent form, we work on kids of all ages. This session is for those under 18.

60 Minute Session = $85



Vibrational Alignment/CranioSacral

CranioSacral Therapy supports the central nervous system and releases restrictions throughout the body to bring about profound healing for optimal health.  Vibrational Therapy aligns subtle, energetic frequencies, which may be misaligned throughout the body due to mental, emotional and physical stresses. Jaye’s work specifically addresses pain, dysfunction, and illness in the following areas: migraine headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress & tension related problems, fibromyalgia and other connective tissue disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, emotional difficulties, orthopedic problems, and restoring nervous system and stability and function.