Organic Brightening Serum

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Organic Brightening Serum


iLike - Organic Skin Care

Brightening Serum - Best For Hyperpigmented Skin Types


  • Brightens the skin.
  • Lightens age spots, freckles, scars, etc.
  • Deeply hydrates.
  • Regenerates all skin types.
  • Improves the complexion.

ilike Brightening Serum is a concentrated liposome gel that uniquely combines 6 herbs with the highest potency to lighten age spots, chloasma, freckles, acne scars or other pigment blotches. Besides the lightening effect of the herbal acids, the serum also deeply hydrates and regenerates all skin types and vitalizes the highly pigmented area.

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INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Horseradish, Parsley, Stonecrop, Woodbine, Nasturtium, Lemon Balm Oil, Citric Acids, Malic Acid, Malonic Acid, Free Amino Acids, Phenol Carbonic Acids, Riboflavin, Vitamins B and C, Bioflavonoids, Pectins, Chlorophyll, Plant Protein, Mineral Salts, Trace Element.