Human touch can be profoundly healing. But, at Therapeutic Bodywork, we believe that a successful bodywork session begins with a human connection.  Before we begin our hands on work, we sit with each client and listen intently to what's going on in the lives to best determine how to treat their body. This approach to our work has undoubtedly contributed to our growing success over the last 12 years.

Whether you are seeking Massage Therapy for stress relief, muscular tension, or a means to improve your overall health and well being, you will find each session at Therapeutic Bodywork to be customized to meet your individual needs.

Therapeutic Massage:

Whether you’re suffering from everyday stress and tension, or have an acute or chronic ailment in the muscular system, our standard full body session is right for you. Using a variety of techniques, each session is individualized based on your needs and will create space and reduce blockages in the soft tissues.

Therapeutic Massage decreases blood pressure, increases the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems and leaves you feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit.

75 Minute Session = $115     |     90 Minute Session = $135   |    120 Minute Session = $165

Now Offering CBD Massage

This massage is very similar to our Therapeutic Massage but is infused with CBD.  A massage with CBD offers an unconventional way to get relief from muscle soreness, inflammation, chronic pain, tension and stress.

75 Minute Session = $125    |    90 Minute Session = $145

Injury Specific or Upper Back/Neck Only:

This 50-minute session is designed to target a specific compromised area on the body. This is not a full body session, but can be great for an individual just needing to target tension in the Upper Back and Neck.

50 Minute Session = $85

I have worked with most all of the therapists at Therapeutic Bodywork and can highly recommend them all! Although they each vary in style and technique, they all offer complete competence and understanding of the body. The common denominators between them are professionalism, compassion and passion for their craft. I make my monthly session a priority.
— K.S., Cotuit

Tween-Teen Timeout:

Kids have stress too and it’s never too early to introduce them to wonderful & healthy relaxation techniques. With a signed parental consent form, we work on kids of all ages. This session is for those under 18.

55 Minutes = $90

Prenatal Massage:

Massage is a wonderful choice in complementary care for the expectant mother. Using our pregnancy support pillow, you will be comfortable lying face down on the table, without any pressure on your stomach. Our pregnant clients tell us there’s nothing better to take the strain off of the low back. Studies indicate that massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, relieve aches and pains, reduce swelling and contribute to better labor and newborn health.

75 Minute Session = $115     |     90 Minute Session = $135

Thai Massage:

This ancient healing technique is performed on a soft mat on the floor and the receiver is wearing loose and comfortable clothing - preferably long sleeves and pants that allow for full movement. Also known as ‘lazy man’s yoga’, this 90 Minute session will bring your body and limbs through a sequence of passive stretches, gentle rhythmic rocking and compressions along the various ‘sen’ or energy lines of the body. In addition to stretching and tonifying the muscles, Thai massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, inducing a calm mental state. Joints are opened, tendons are stretched and internal organs toned.

*Offered exclusively with Megan Kershaw and Theresa Ribeiro

90 Minute Session = $145

Oncology Massage:

Clients in various stages of their journey with cancer have experienced the healing effects of oncology massage. Approached with compassion and healing touch, oncology massage is designed to promote the body’s natural healing process and restore the client’s sense of positive touch. Regular massage in cancer patients has demonstrated a decrease in anxiety, nausea, stress, insomnia, pain and an improvement in immune function and more positive outlook on life. **If you are a Cape Wellness Collaborative patient, please contact the office at (508)428-1288 for scheduling.

75 Minute Session = $115     |     90 Minute Session = $135

Flower Essence Enhanced Massage:

Discover the magic of Flower Essences using one of our Six Flower Essence Blends by Lotus Wei. By selecting the flower you are most attracted to, you will determine which essence you are needing most at that time. Maybe it’s more playfulness? A quieter mind? More self love? Enhance your motivation?

Your chosen Flower Essence will be incorporated into your therapeutic session. Be transformed, be inspired!

75 Minute Session = $120     |     90 Minute Session = $140

Hot Stone Massage:

Heated basalt stones are smoothed over the entire body and placed along the energetic channels, easing tight muscles and melting away chronic tension.  The incomparable balance of heat and pressure allows the body to release, while the grounding element of the stones ushers in a state of deep blissful relaxation.   Experience relaxation and restoration like never before with this 90 minute healing experience.

90 Minute = $150

House Calls:

We understand there are situations that make it difficult for you to come to the office. Or sometimes, a massage in the comfort of your own home is preferred. We bring the table, the linens and the oils. All you have to do is relax.

75 Minute Session = $160     |     90 Minute Session = $180


  • Sinus and Scalp Treatment: Relieve congestion and allergy symptoms, with our hot towel compresses, infused with eucalyptus, to open all of the senses and clear your mind. Special attention is paid to the pressure points on your scalp and face, increasing blood flow and relieving tension. Using our own Essential Oil blend, intended to stimulate your senses, this treatment will leave you feeling invigorated and have your spirits soaring. You will not want it to end! ($15)

  • Dry Brushing: Encourage circulation, slough off dead winter skin, stimulate cellular renewal and kick start the lymphatic system all by adding our Dry Brushing treatment to your session. The Dry Brush is yours to take home, so you can continue to reap all the benefits of this ancient and therapeutic technique. You’ll feel so good after your Dry Brushing treatment, we know you’ll want to make this part of your daily routine. ($15)

  • Rosemary – Mint Foot Scrub: Give your feet a little extra TLC with this heavenly foot treatment. Starting with a stimulating exfoliation, using our very own Rosemary-Mint foot scrub, every inch of your feet will be left feeling energized and renewed. Wrapped in hot towels, allowing the scrub to soften the dead and calloused skin, and ending with a stimulating foot massage, this treatment will leave you feeling nurtured from head to toe. ($15)

  • Hot Stones: Melt away any stress and tension as heated basalt stones are incorporated into your massage session. Experience the deeply relaxing and healing energies from the stones and let your tension dissolve under their heat. This warming treatment is a fabulous add on ANY time of year. You might not ever have a massage without the stones again! ($15)