Long Neck Wraps (Hot/Cold)

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Long Neck Wrap.jpg

Long Neck Wraps (Hot/Cold)


Use for sore muscles, tension in the neck and shoulders. Heating Pad also works for ankles, knees, lower back, tummy, cramps and more. 

This neck wrap is filled with rice and flax seed. It measures approx. 5" x 20". Designer cotton fabric for the front and coordinating cozy fleece for the back. Made of 2 chambers for even distribution and it will contour to your body.

Heat wraps are filled with flax seed to hold the heat and rice which gives moist heat. Heat will last for 30+ minutes. 

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Pair your Long Neck Wrap with an XL Sinus Pack + Spritzer.

These items can be used as hot or coldpPacks, heated by microwave or cooled by freezer

Packs are sanitized in the microwave...spot clean if needed.