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Elizabeth Longo, Massage Therapist

Elizabeth is a strong proponent of client-centered care and endeavors to meet people where they are at on their path to wellness.  She employs the various tools and skills she has acquired in her career as a massage therapist, as well as her own life experience, to assist each individual in moving towards their goals as authentically as possible.

Elizabeth has a firm, yet sensitive touch capable of delivering a customized holistic experience whether you are in need of deep specific work to release chronic tension, or a nourishing supportive session designed to alleviate stress and usher in deep relaxation.  Her style of working with the body incorporates strokes and techniques from traditional Swedish massage as well as anatomically specific strokes and stretches of Myofascial masssage.  When appropriate Integrative techniques such as subtle somatic holds or breath work may be incorporated.

Her grounded presence, lively humor, and open heart have been creating a safe place for people to experience the relief and release that they need since completing her training at The Body Therapy Institute (NC) in 2011.  She is also a certified Mother Massage®  practitioner of prenatal and postpartum massage and a provider of Oncology massage for the Cape Wellness Collaborative.

*Book with Elizabeth on Tuesday, Thursday,  and Friday

Theresa Fallon, Massage Therapist

Theresa Fallon came to massage through her own personal transformation process. Once an accomplished medical informatics professional, she left a stable corporate job to soak up the sun, open her heart, and learn massage.

In 2007, she attended the Santa Fe School of Massage. It was here that she learned the finer details of anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology. And, she fully embraced a healing arts education. She has woven her skills, gifts, and foundational biological science knowledge into a beautiful type of massage.

She uses Swedish massage in combination with anatomically specific strokes and often includes effective neuromuscular techniques that resolve muscle spasms or muscle tightness.

*Book with Theresa on Monday + Wednesday

Megan Kershaw, Massage Therapist

While a world traveler, Megan is thrilled to be working with clients on her home turf of Cape Cod. Her work in organic farming and yoga ultimately lead her to pursue a career in bodywork, viewing these passions as the perfect triad intersecting body, mind and spirit – the whole health package.

Megan’s intention is always one of promoting well-being by way of total relaxation, believing it is in this state that the body’s innate ability to restore and heal itself are affirmed. 

Her touch is both strong and deliberate, while laced with long effleurage strokes intended to bring your nervous system into balance and promote healing.

*Book with Megan on Wednesday + Thursday


Lindsay Sheridan, Massage Therapist

After obtaining a degree in Athletic Training and Physical Education, Lindsay found herself drawn to other health and wellness modalities and enrolled in a Massage Therapy program at Spa Tech in Plymouth. With a vast understanding of the body, Lindsay specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Prenatal. She is also a 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor and is currently working on her Doula Certification. Her extensive knowledge in sports and injury management, along with her thorough anatomy background, allows Lindsay to give a very customized session, tailored to fit your specific needs.

When she's not in the office, Lindsay is enjoying time with her husband and 3 sweet daughters; Charlie, Zoey and Bailey.

*Book with Lindsay on Wednesdays + every other Saturday