early spring specials

Dry Brushing Add-On Treatment

Support your body in the transition from Winter to Spring with a Dry Brushing Add-On. This ancient technique of Dry Brushing will help; detoxify your skin, encourage circulation through the lymphatic system, clear cellular waste, bring blood back to the heart and nourish you from the inside out.

This session, will begin with the Dry Brushing using small circular and long sweeping motions towards your heart with a soft bristled brush. Once the body has been Dry Brushed, a warm towel is used to clean off any debris and prepare your body for your full body massage, using heated herbal oil.

The Dry Brush is yours to take home and instruction will be given to continue your practice at home.

This treatment is available as a $15 Add-On to 75 + 90 Minute sessions with Mattie Gunnery-Fay and is available for a limited time.

dry brushing .jpg
Therapeutic Bodywork is a totally healing experience. The space is quiet and calming. The massage team offers skill, sensitivity, and STRENGTH (applied judiciously) in a breadth of massage techniques. They are entirely professional and amazingly talented. I am looking forward to trying some of the other services offered. The experience of a massage with Therapeutic Bodywork is sublime.
— Patty Fater, MD