Hunkering Down for Winter - Part I

My husband is not a native to the New England area so he is constantly observing our various nuances from an outsider's perspective. Lately, he has noticed again and again, a most common autumn phrase: "it's time to hunker down"; and alas, it is! In all honesty, we all know that fall is coming to an end and the cold winds of winter are creeping at our feet...

As the holidays and the official winter solstice approach, we enter into the last rush of the year before January brings its deep dark depths. According to the Chinese perspective, December 21st is actually the middle of winter, not the beginning. Just like the art of Chinese Medicine, the Chinese calendar is aligned with nature. What exactly does this mean? It means that winter has already begun! We can feel it in our bones, in the sharpness of the wind, in the pace of our energy, in the cold of our fingertips- take heed, winter is here!

And just like nature, we too should be slowing down, resting, going deep and simmering our bright lights. Winter is not the time to go go go. It is a time to nourish our adrenals, charge our batteries, warm our bellies, and yes, sleep more! So slow down, rest and go deep within yourselves. Do not be afraid to say "no" and stay home. In a world that is constantly on the move, pressuring itself to do more and more and more, winter becomes a necessity for your longevity and youthfulness. So this winter, hibernate like the bear, fly south like the birds (yes this includes Florida for you snowbirds) and preserve yourself like nature. If you want to avoid burn out and preserve your vitality of life then make winter a time for YOU!

**Check out next week's blog post where I share my top tips on nourishing yourself this winter to stay aligned with the season.

Dr. Deb Salazar is a Licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in Women's Health, Fertility and Difficult/Stubborn/Chronic/Recalcitrant disease. If you are interested in how Acupuncture, Herbs and Chinese Medicine can help you this winter call (508) 428-1288.