Getting To Know You - Lindsay Sheridan, LMT


Your background is in Athletic Training & Physical Education. You're also a Certified Yoga Instructor. Clearly you have a passion for health and wellness and working with the body. Can you tell us what led you to pursue a career in Massage Therapy?

I was encouraged to go to massage school during one of my yoga training classes. I loved working with people and helping them feel better in their body. I struggled with the schedule of an Athletic Trainer because it wasn't conducive to the family life I wanted. After completing the 500 hour training in yoga, I knew my next step was massage school. I was excited to be able to use my extensive knowledge of the body and put it towards my work in massage therapy. It was such a good fit and totally the right path.

Tell us a little bit about your massage technique. What can we expect in a typical session with you?

I would describe my technique as slow and smooth. I like to be continuous in my work, with one stroke melting into the next. With my background in anatomy I have a deep understanding of muscle movement and the muscle attachments - this enhances my work. I would not describe my work as super deep, however I am able to release tension and adhesions by using leverage and proper technique. In a typical session you can expect to have some effective work done, but also leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

Is there a particular modality you are most drawn to?

I am drawn to a few different modalities. I love working with people that don't think they need a massage. I love seeing their face after they get off my table and realize how good they feel. There is nothing better than helping someone realize the potential of their own body. I also love working with pregnant women. Pregnancy can take an amazing toll on a women's body and I love being able to relieve them of any pain, discomfort or even swelling. It is a great gift.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love helping people - whether it's helping them to find relief from pain or reduce stress, or allowing them to fully relax. Fast paces, all consuming jobs have most of us suffering from high stress and poor posture. My intention is that when someone is on my table, all of their stress can be forgotten, even if it's only for 75 minutes. Eventually, through regular massage, their bodies will learn to tap into that feeling on a more regular basis.

You are taking a Doula course. Can you tell us a little bit about a Doula and what exactly a Doula does?

I started my Doula training about a year ago and I'm very excited about it! A Doula is a support person for the mother and partner before, during and after labor. They are there to educate and help the parents through, what can be, the toughest, yet most beautiful time of their lives. I have always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth and after having 3 of my own, I knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. My hope is to create an all inclusive package for parents that would include prenatal yoga, massage and pre/postpartum Doula work.

We so often hear, especially from women, that they are too busy to find time for their self-care. You are a very busy mom of 3 adorable girls, all under 3 years of age. And, you work part-time. How do you find the time in your hectic schedule to take care of YOU?

I am definitely very busy. My girls are quite active and require a lot of my focus and attention. But, it has always been important to make time for myself. My friends often get together once a month for a girls' night and I always try to make it. In addition, I make sure that I'm preparing and eating at least one healthy meal for myself everyday. Preparing food for my family, it's easy to just eat the scrapes and leftovers from my daughter's plates. So, I make a point to consciously make something healthy for me. Even if it's only once a day - it feels good to take care of myself in that way.

Tell us something we don't know about you.

I have a huge, constant travel bug! I love love love to travel. I have been to Europe twice, Australia, Mexico and my bucket list is growing every day with new places to visit. One of my favorite things to do is receive a massage when I'm traveling. It is such a fun experience to see how different cultures interpret and perform a massage session. My next trip is to Jamaica and the count down is already on!


Lindsay is in the office on Wednesdays + every other Saturday.

She is currently offering a complimentary Rosemary-Mint Foot Scrub with every 75 or 90 Minute Session.      *Offer valid until November 30th.