A Deep, Slow Inhale; Winter is Coming

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Spring and summer flew. The time was quick, exciting and its bright Yang energy whirled us forward; we came up and went out out out! The fun is done and now it is time for the slower energies of fall and winter to reign the coming months. The days are shortening, the light waning and the temperatures dropping. The Yin energies are growing and with them, we must follow their more passive pace toward a time of rest and rejuvenation. To better understand how to live seasonally, we again look toward the great outdoors for answers.

Fall on the Cape is a wonderful time of year- it is long, somewhat uneventful and beautiful. The leaves begin to change and drop. The plants end their cycle of growth and begin to die back into the earth. The animals begin their process of storage. The winds begin to howl and the weather becomes unsteady. Nature is readying itself for winter.


Like nature, we too must begin our descent inward. But before the full hibernation, it is wise to shed some "old" so that we can grow anew come the springtime. Shed your leaves and cleanse! Summer was a time of abundance and for most Americans, this includes an excess of "treats" (wine? beer? ice cream? fried food? etc.). We splurge and overload our systems. We have fun! Fall is the time to lighten up a bit and give our "habits" a break- even a week to a month can make a huge difference. The liver is truly the seat of metabolism and if we can lighten its load now, then come spring, it will feel much less burdened to burst forth up and out, lightly!

Of course winter is approaching quickly and our bodies do require a degree of fat [storage] for protection against the cold New England weather. Although, we still have the momentum of summer, it is not the best time to begin a weight loss regimen. For some, a little extra weight comes naturally. For others, weight loss may naturally cease. Be wise and "go with the flow". Patience will bring greater strength for true weight loss in the coming year.

Winter is coming and with it comes a time of preservation. Prepare to recharge your batteries from the go go go nature of fall and summer by spending time with yourself and closest family and friends. Enjoy the holidays. Cherish the glow of the fireplace and the warmth of hot drinks and hearty meals. Honor the extra "chub". Sit quietly with the silence and meditate deeply upon your coming year. Formulate your goals and remember your dreams. Listen. Rest and rejuvenate. Spring and summer will come again.


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Dr. Deb Salazar is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM) and Licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in women's health, fertility, and difficult/stubborn/chronic/recalcitrant disease. Deb uses Oriental Medicine as her vehicle to access health, balance and harmony. Besides the traditional tools of acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, moxa, herbs and bodywork, she also enjoys working with Ayurvedic Medicine, Western Herbalism, Homeopathy and Essential Oils.

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