Getting To Know You - Jodi Fournier, LMT


You've been a Massage Therapist for nearly 20 years. How did you discover your love for Massage Therapy and know that it was a career path you needed to follow?

I had my first massage at the age of 22, right after graduating from college. It was at that moment that I realized the healing power of touch, and how it transformed me, on so many levels. For hours, and even days, after my first session, I felt I had more energy, clarity, and a sense of overall "well-being," unlike anything I had experienced before. Physically, I felt less tension in my body; emotionally, I was moved to tears, as layers upon layers of bottled emotions seemed to unravel.  It wasn't until I was 30, after several years of working in jobs and careers that were less than fulfilling, that I decided to take the "leap," and follow my dream. I wanted to be "that therapist" who would instill the same feelings that I had when I received my first massage at 22.  I enrolled in Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA in 1997, and completed an intensive 950 hour program in February of 1999.

There has not been one day of regret in 20 years...

How would you describe your approach to your bodywork?

My massage technique(s) are multi-faceted.  I was trained in the "Benjamin System" of Muscular Therapy, where I was introduced to thousands of unique strokes, such as long (effleurage), which typically are slow in speed, encompassing larger muscles, like quads or hamstrings. There are also shorter strokes, which have very little movement, that I use for deeper, more concentrated work, where I wrap my fingers or palms around a smaller area and "hold" the tissue, while applying a firm touch to relieve tension.  I also like to incorporate some form of stretching when I do any type of bodywork, as it loosens the muscles and tendons, and helps to avoid any injury.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the flexibility of being a Massage Therapist.  While raising my son (now 17), I was able to work around his schedule; fortunately, there was no need for day care when he was young as I would see clients on weekends and evenings, and his father would be home to watch him.  I also love the positive feedback I get from clients (still, after 20 years!). I genuinely love the feeling I get from helping others by way of touch, and I feel equally nourished at the end of each session.  It's a win-win!

You and your partner, Don, just moved to the Cape in the last year. What are some ways you're enjoying life on this special peninsula?

Don and I moved to Mashpee in December of 2016. We both love the beach, and anything "outdoors." We've enjoyed kayaking, biking the beautiful trails and along the beaches, and just purchased our first boat, which had its "maiden voyage" September 9th! We are so looking forward to exploring more of the Cape and all of its beauty in the Fall, the only season we have not experienced here so far.

I know we have kept you QUITE busy these last few months at the office. Can you tell us some ways you nourish yourself outside of the office, so you can keep giving so much to your clients?

Massage, as anyone knows, is so physical, and can be so draining, if a practitioner fails to take care of one's self.  Early on, I decided that I wanted to be a full time MT, 25-30 hours per week. For many years, I did do just that, but realized that my quality of life was suffering.  My family life suffered; I had no social life to speak of, and I felt like I was on "automatic pilot," much like I felt when I worked in corporate America.  I needed to change that cycle, and find a "happy medium."   When I reached my level of comfort, about 15-18 hours a week, I realized that I was sleeping better, not drained emotionally, only "somewhat" physically tired, and the balance was restored once again within my family and social network.  Saying "NO" was difficult, because MT'S are, by nature, givers, but saying "YES" to having balance and peace in my life, well...that was easy!


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Jodi is available on Tuesdays, Fridays + every other Saturday.