Boost Your Immune System - Naturally

The cold and flu season has been long and arduous this year. The age of microbes is upon us as we avoid germs like the plague. With thoughts on immune boosters like elderberries and Vitamin C, we attempt desperately to avoid sick days and rest. As a culture, we have become fearful of sickness, as though with it, comes disease. In a time where sleep is limited, stress is constant and disharmony prevalent, our immune systems have fatigued. New solutions are needed. Today, we are experiencing the rise of the essential oil movement and for some, the intro into the medicinal mushroom revolution: added solutions have arrived to help strengthen our bodies and improve our resiliences.


With companies like Doterra and Young Living, the knowledge of the antimicrobial aspects of essential oils are becoming common knowledge. Essential oils help form the immune system of the plant protecting it against the constant onslaught of microbes like bacteria, fungus and viruses. Diffused into the air, essential oils provide us with these same benefits. It is common knowledge that little else thrives beneath the presence of a cedar tree. Its potent essential oils ward off "evil" and bugs.


The same is true of medicinal mushrooms. In gardening, the presence of fruiting mushrooms is a sign of good soil microbial health. Mushrooms ward off insects and disruptive microbes that feed off fruits and vegetables. Their ability to infiltrate, permeate and transmute material is profound. Mushrooms like Reishi has been recorded in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, gaining the name of  "Mushroom of Immortality". In ancient Greece, Agarikon, another mushroom, is reported to cure tuberculosis. Research is even being done into the use of mushrooms and halting the decline of bees. Mushrooms may be the future of the health of this planet and the answer to solve the terrain imbalances of our own human bodies. Dr. Deborah Salazar: Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM)

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