Acupuncture, Autumn & The Metal Element

Barn's burnt down -


I can see the moon.

-Mizuta Masahide (1657–1723) 


Unmistakably - on the winds (and rain) of change - Autumn has arrived. 

The slant of light, flora and fauna, our moods, schedules, physical states and spirits are all in flux - affecting us in sometimes subtle ways and other times with more of a fuss. 

Mizuta's haiku captures the essence of autumn through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - the hallmarks of which are Letting Go of what has been lost or run its natural course and Allowing In the beauty of what remains in this moment.

In TCM, autumn is associated with the Metal Element. On the physical level this includes the Lungs, which inhale oxygen to nourish and exhale carbon dioxide to purify as we let go.  Metal is also associated with the Large Intestine, taking little imagination to make the connection with release! 

Physical conditions related to Metal may manifest as cold, flus, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, constipation, digestive disorders, and sinus or skin conditions.  

The emotion associated with Metal and thus the season upon us is Grief. Grief can be experienced subtly as nostalgia - the tender bitter sweetness for what once was.  Or may express itself more overtly as great sadness, depression or despair.  

Noticing with kindness where we may find ourselves along the delicate divide between Letting Go and Allowing In - whether physically, emotionally or spiritually - can help us discern when we may need some additional support.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help us experience more fully the fruits of this season while minimizing its vulnerabilities.  

This autumn, how can you best support the harvest?

I am here for you.

Peace, Karen

M.S. (T.O.M), 

Diplomate in Oriental Medicine

Karen Hayes holds a Masters Degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the Commonwealth of MA and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine nationally. She brings with her 12 years of clinical experience.

She works with a full scope of health conditions including but not limited to: Mental Health, Addiction Recovery Support, Sleep Disorders and Insomnia, Asthma/Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Pain Management, Women’s Health, Fertility and Preventative Medicine.