What is Dermaplaning and Why You Will LOVE It


Dermaplaning is currently trending as one of the hottest skin care treatments. However, unlike other skin care fads, we think this one is here for to stay and for great reason. Dermaplaning is simple, and incredibly effective; providing long lasting and profound, immediate results without any downtime. Added on to any facial or used as stand alone treatment, dermaplaning is a fabulous treatment any time of year. Here are FIVE reasons you'll want to add dermaplaning to your skin care repertoire now:

1. Shed Winter Build-Up:

Dermaplaning is an incredible exfoliation that can remove up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells. This deep exfoliation triggers new cell regeneration - ultimately leading to a healthier glow. With harsh winter weather and the dry, heated indoor air, skin gets dried out faster - which makes winter an ideal (do we dare say 'necessary') time to dermaplane.

2. No Downtime:

Unlike other skin care treatments, the results of dermaplaning are immediate and do not require any downtime. The only side effect is smoother skin and a glowing complexion!

3. Removes Vellus Hair (aka, Peach Fuzz)

Another incredible side effect of dermaplaning is the removal of that peach fuzz that, yes, gets worse with age. (Thank you, hormones!) Without this peach fuzz, make-up and other skin care products are more easily absorbed into the skin.

4. Smooth Uneven Skin and Reduce Pores

Dermaplaning gently resurfaces the skin - resulting in even skin tone and reduced pores. With repeated treatments (every 4 weeks), fine lines disappear and skin is visibly smoother.

5. Better Absorption of Product and Flawless Makeup

With the deep exfoliation and removal of the vellus hair, active ingredients in skin care products are more readily absorbed and make-up is applied flawlessly. Ever feel like you could just keep applying moisturizer, but it's not penetrating - book a dermaplaning session now.

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