Winter Skin Care Essentials


Winter can wreak havoc on our skin. Between the cold, harsh temps and the dry, indoor heat - delicate winter skin can take a beating. The result can be lackluster, dull skin, rosacea, and dry, itchy skin. But, there are ways to maintain your healthy glow even through these winter months.


1. Use a Humidifier

Heating systems dry out the air, zapping moisture from your skin. A simple solution to add moisture back into the air is to add a Humidifier to your bedroom. Your winter skin will thank you!

2. Hydrate

We tend to drink a lot less in the winter when temps are much cooler. However, hydration is essential in keeping your skin healthy and preventing dry skin. Try sipping on warm herbal teas or warm lemon water during these cold months.

3. Exfoliate

It may seem counter intuitive to exfoliate to prevent dryness, but nourishing skin care products and hydrating moisturizer cannot penetrate skin that has a build up of dead skin cells. Winter is a perfect time to schedule a Dermaplaning treatment to deeply exfoliate winter build up.

4. Moisturize + Sunscreen

Select a rich, thick moisturizer for these winter months that will work to nourish and protect your skin. And, remember, even though winter may have it's fair share of grey days, you always want to apply your sunscreen before heading out for extended periods of time.

5. Use a DIY mask at home

Most often, the best nourishment for our skin comes right from the pantry. Experiment with a couple of different DIY masks using moisturizing ingredients like; honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe. Here's one of our favorites:

  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 handful of oatmeal
  • Mix all the ingredients together and apply. After 20 minutes, wash off with a warm, damp cloth. Apply yoru favorite moisturizer.

6. Schedule a Winter Blast Facial

Combat your winter skin woes with the Winter Blast Facial. This facial combines the exfoliating power of the Yogurt Power Peel with the vitamin and anti-oxidant rich Carotene Essentials Rich Mask + Moisturizer. Unveil radiant skin and keep your healthy glow all winter long with the Winter Blast Facial.

Includes a warm cinnamon scalp massage and is offered for $129 for a limited time.